Falcons in “great spot” with Julio Jones

Wide receiver Julio Jones hasn’t been working with the Falcons in their offseason program and he generated some attention last week when he stripped his Instagram account of pictures of him in the team’s uniform, but neither are a cause for concern for the team.

General Manager Thomas Dimitroff took wide receiver Calvin Ridley in the first round, but that move is designed to complement Jones rather than shake anything up in their wide receiver group. Dimitroff said that the team feels comfortable about its relationship with Jones “and how he perceives everything.”

Taking away their last names takes away a piece of their credibility—they’re ambassadors for a professional football organization.

I can’t think of another serious female athlete or performer who isn’t known by her last name.

Some teams tell women that this is for their protection from would-be stalkers, but when I perused the cheerleading websites for the 26 NFL teams that have squads, I found a lot of information in the cheerleader bios (college, hometown, industry she works in).

The AAF also plans to put a team in Atlanta, and the league founded by Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian also is reportedly discussing the possibility of playing games at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

The dustbin of sports history is filled with dirt from the cleats of defunct pro football leagues. The potential proliferation of gambling could make these alternative professional gambits more viable. People will want something on which to bet, and once they place their bets they’ll have an incentive to watch the game on which they’ve wagered.

When Davis taught at dance camps and workshops and chose to use her full name, she wasn’t allowed to say that she was a Saintsation.

Davis wants to build a career in the dance world, and not being able to reference a job as a professional dancer when trying to book other jobs didn’t help.

They say, this is going to be the best years of your life, you’re going to do so much networking and you are going to get a great job after this, Ware says.

But when you meet someone and you can’t use your last name, how are they going to find you?

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