New catch rule includes more than third step, reaching with ball

The NFL’s most recent effort to fix the catch rule included the crafting of an objective test for satisfying the all-important third element of the rule. Subjectivity, though not entirely eliminated, has been enhanced by objective examples of satisfying the requirement that the ball be possessed for a specific amount of time.

The two examples cited by the league in passing the catch rule were taking a third step or reaching or extending the ball toward the line to gain. But the final rule identifies other concrete ways in which the player will be deemed to have possessed the ball long enough to complete a catch.

For now, all that matters is that he’s back.

No loss feels good, Roberts said. But I’ll tell you, when you have your horse throw the way he did, in five innings, and felt really good after, and to know that we can build him up, and build on this start, that’s probably the most important thing for our club. This loss doesn’t feel good, but I think the bigger picture is good for us.Paul George agrees with Thunder on 4-year, $137 million deal

The guys that are fast, you can’t teach that, Sirianni said. The guys that are fast pose this threatening position to the defensive back where, yeah, they can get behind them. So there’s that fear that they can get behind them and they do get behind them when the coverage lends itself. But then every other play, that defensive back is thinking, ‘Shoot, he can get behind me.’ So it softens him up — plus-16 yard gains in my mind are chunk plays. It really is no secret: It’s speed.

Josh Fields, who has emerged as a premier setup option, was put on the DL because of inflammation in his shoulder and the Dodgers suddenly found themselves shorthanded in the bullpen. Their manager, Dave Roberts, had Buehler fly back Thursday morning and basically rehab in the major leagues for what would be his first appearance in nearly three weeks.

Buehler gave up a leadoff homer in the sixth and allowed five of the next eight batters to reach, setting up a seven-run seventh inning that blew the doors open.

Roberts didn’t regret the decision, outside of the fact that it led to a loss.

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