Nathan Peterman had worst starting debut for a QB. Here are all 5 of his interceptions

He should’ve never been in that position. But since he was, let’s have a look back!

If you want to celebrate something in the record book, look for the trash records, the kind that come with more notoriety than celebration. Those are the records I prefer. And that’s why we’re here talking about a guy you’ve already forgotten and one you’ll forget a year from now.

Legislation allowing sportsbooks to operate in the state’s casinos and racetracks has been on the books since 2012, but not enacted thanks to PASPA. With the Supreme Court ruling, you may be able to bet on pro sports as soon as Memorial Day weekend.

Mississippi legislators didn’t pass any new laws to enable casinos to allow for sports gambling — they just deleted a chunk of existing law back in 2017 to take advantage of this year’s Supreme Court ruling. With gambling already a part of everyday life in Tunica, operators will rush to get sportsbooks up and running in the Magnolia State. The Clarion-Ledger suggests sports wagering could go live as early as June.

On June 21, the state’s gaming commission voted to approve gambling regulations that will turn sportsbooks live by July 21.

As athletes, usually you are trying to hunt for the answers on your own, and you are trying to get in touch with certain people. To have them brought to you, and what I really love is people from all different industries, to me you find such inspiration in different places. … I would love to have something like that during my career.

Magic Johnson, who might know more than anyone how special being a member of the Lakers organization can be, says the Genius Series has had a measurable impact on a young roster that included 13 different players with two or fewer years of NBA experience last season.

Listen, this series has meant a lot to our Lakers, Johnson told ESPN. To have them in front of our guys, explaining how they became successful, has meant a lot, and it changed their lives. … I have been enjoying this just as much as the players. There’s greatness in what they all do and how they do it. But everything came down to the same thing: preparation … discipline.

To be chosen to ref a Super Bowl, an official has to be at the top of his or her game. Unless an official is ranked in the NFL’s top tier, which is based on their accuracy and performance over the course of the season, they’re not even considered. Football Zebras, a site dedicated to NFL officiating, projected that Steratore would be selected in part because the league gives priority to officials who had never worked a championship.

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